Mango Firni


  • 60 gm rice
  • 1 L full cream milk
  • 125 gm sugar
  • 2 ripe mangoes
  • 2-3 green cardamom
  • 1 tablespoons cashew paste
  • 3 tablespoons water


Soak the rice for 2 hours, take a grinder , add soaked rice add 3 tablespoons of water and grind it into coarse paste. Now in a large kadai boil milk, when the milk boils, sim the flame for 10 minutes. Add prepared coarse rice paste,stir continuously for 6-8 minutes. Peal the mango cut into slices, put the mango slices into the grinder make a mango paste. Boil the milk till the rice gets cooked completely , add sugar cook it for 2-3 minutes sim the flame and cool till only slightly warm. Now add mango pulp and stir , add cardamom powder, mix well, stir till the milk thickens and turn creamy. Pour it into a-bowl cool it and keep it in the fridge for 6-7 hour till it sets, serve chilled decorate with mango slices.

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