Fairy Land Surprise

Fairy Land Surprise


  • 1 packet nice biscuits
  • ½ cup coffee powder or cocoa and drinking chocolate powder
  • 1 cup of orange juice
  • 1 tin Kisan cocktail fruit
  • ½ tin pineapple slices [3-4] slices
  • 250 gm fresh cream
  • 6 bananas cut small pieces
  • 100 gm grapes
  • 1 apple cut small pieces
  • 80 gm sugar
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla essence


Spread half packet of biscuit in a pie dish, spread black coffee and orange juice. Spread cocktail fruits upon it. Add banana, apple, grapes. Mix vanilla essence and sugar in the cream, beat it lightly then spread half of the cream on the fruits. Spread another layer of biscuits and repeat the process again. Pineapple slices should be put in the last. Add the syrup of the tin also, chill it in the freezer and serve it chilled. 

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